The Ayer family was a powerful noble family in the the Ishvaak Clan. While they did not sit on the Grand Council, they did, however, hold much political sway in the kingdom. That is until their leader, Bruce Ayer, decided he wanted to be king. He conspired with Queen Tula, herself, to murder Jalat.

This coup d'etat was exposed and stopped thanks mostly to Allister Burova who had overheard them talking and warned the Royal Guard about it. In addition, he went and got his troops from the Salva Clan and helped the Royal Guard put down the rebel forces.

After this coup failed, thanks mostly in part to Burova, the surviving rebel members were rounded up, and were executed, imprisoned, or exiled depending on their level of involvement. However, sadly for Burova, those who were still loyal to Ayer's that had not been arrested or killed immediately went to the man's estate looking for vengeance. They murdered his wife and mostly likely his children too, after destroying the city around the mansion, which also got ransack of all its material wealth.

Burova's heroic actions, while ending in tragedy for his family, did, however, save the Kingdom and the life of the King, himself. Finally, Ayer's treasonous act spelled then end for his sinister noble house and its members.