This large beautiful mansion, located on the east side of Lake Mir, was once the home of the powerful Burova Family until the horrible events that took the lives of Allister and Hanna Burova in 441.

The small community that had once prospered around the mansion, formed the Manor, that many in the Salva Clan considered to be the de facto capitol of the Clan for nearly 150 years, because the Burova family was so respected and held in high regard throughout the Clan and the whole Kingdom.

After Ayer's Men, murdered Hanna, they burnt the surrounding community's shops and houses to the ground, and ransacked the mansion of its' valuables. The Royal Guards and Knights of Greywar that had been sent by King Jalat to save Allister's family arrived to late to do so, but did at least prevent the rebels from burning down the mansion.

Following these events, the mansion remains uninhibited and a hollow shell of it's former glory for many years. However, there have been rumors, recently, about the once great mansion being haunted by ghosts, and that a terrible curse awaits those who dare to enter the old estate's dilapidated halls.