~~All of these names are subject to change at author's discretion~~

**Warning Spoilers Maybe Found Here**

Number  Name Star  Role Recurring or New Fighter
1 Yvaine Burova Tenkai Star Protagonist N Yes
2 Solomon Ishvaak Tengou Star Great General N No
3 George Silverberg Tenki Star Main Tactician  N No
4 Zerase Tenkan Star Tablet Keeper R No
5 Franklin Tenyu Star Strong Leut. N Yes
6 Dmitris Tenyu Star Support General N No
7 Borias Tenmou Star Village Chief Fighter N Yes
8 Ornela Teni Star Powerful Warrior R Yes
9 Thann Tenei Star Hero's Friend N Yes
10 Kline Tenki Star Mayor Non-warrior N No
11 Eresh Tenfu Star Magician R Yes
12 Micah Tenmen Star Main Story Warrior N Yes
13 Ingrid Lawler Tenko Star Main Story Warrior N Yes
14 Zegai Tensyo Star Warrior and Trainer R Yes
15 Luther Tenritsu Star Convincing Mouth N No
16 Elza Tensyo Star Misc R Yes
17 Vynn Tenan Star Main Story Warrior N yes
18 Tsai Tenyu Star Warrior R yes
19 Cammi Tenku Star Warrior N yes
20 Amra Tensoku Star Godspeed N yes
21 Kane Teni Star Powerful Warrior N yes
22 Shubin Tensatsu Star Beast Fighter N yes
23 Killey Tenbi Star Misc R yes
24 Shula Valya Tenkyu Star Magician  R no
25 Rusto Tentai Star Fist Fighter N yes
26 Geddoe Tenjyu Star Great Warrior R yes
27 Awon Tenken Star Trio Warrior N no
28 Tai Ho Tenhei Star Pair Fighter (30) R yes
29 Oslon Tenzai Star Trio Warrior N no
30 Yam Koo Tenson Star Pair Fighter (28) R yes
31 Thon Tenpai Star Trio Warrior N no
32 Ben Tenrou Star Boy/Girl N yes
33 Kyra Tensui Star Boy/Girl N yes
34 Wilhelm Tenbou Star Paired (35) R no
35 Mueller Tenkoku Star Paired (34) R no
36 Misty Tenkou Star Paired to Main Gen. N no
37 Ignatiatus Chikai Star 2nd Strategist  N no
38 Waldo Chisatsu Star Misc N no
39 Norman Chiyu Star Artist  N no
40 Jeane Chiketsu Star Rune Mistress R yes
41 Dezba Chiyu Star Misc N no
42 Isabel Chii Star Max Knight Leader R yes
43 Mathias Chiei Star Max Knight Assist R no
44 Giles Chiki Star Knight Pair N yes
45 Roger Chimou Star Knight Pair N yes
46 Millio Chibun Star Support N no
47 Leanne Chisei Star Appraiser  N no
48 Aspen Chikatsu Star Foreign Explorer N yes
49 Bo Chitou Star Castle Gardner N no
50 Nizar Chikyou Star Leader of Misc N no
51 Tanner Chian Star Swordman  N yes
52 Suske Chiziku Star Knight N yes
53 Maurice Reinbach Chikai Star Noble Support N no
54 Harper Chisa Star Sound Guy N no
55 Dona Chiyu Star Armor Guy N no
56 Oliver Chirei Star Main Doctor N no
57 Girard Chijyu Star 2nd Healer  N no
58 Gavaya Chibi Star Warrior R yes
59 Hazuki Chikyu Star Karate Warrior R yes
60 Charlotte Chibaku Star Princess N yes
61 Issachar Chizen Star Strongest Magican N yes
62 Kencho Chikou Star Ninja N yes
63 Shimza Chikyou Star Ninja N yes
64 Wallace Chihi Star Bartender N no
65 Quinton Chisou Star Elevator N no
66 Cyprus Chikou Star Scroll Maker N no
67 Nifsara Chimei Star Flirty One R yes
68 Rook Chisin Star Pair (69) N yes
69 Bishop Chitai Star Pair (68) N yes
70 Felix Chiman Star Naval Guy N yes
71 Virgil Chisui Star Librarian  N no
72 Chang Chisyu Star Misc N no
73 Monica Chiin Star Pretty Female Misc N yes
74 Sharmista Chii Star Knight Warrior R yes
75 Temrill Chiri Star Windows N no
76 Sorensen Chisyun Star Gadgets Sidekick R yes
77 Egon Chiraku Star Singer N no
78 Viki Chitatsu Star Teleporter R yes
79 Curtis Chisoku Star Misc Warrior N yes
80 Josephine Chichin Star Nobleman R no
81 Lu Chikei Star Girl Trickster R yes
82 Blitz Chima Star Animal Leader N yes
83 Taylor Chiyou Star Reporter R no
84 Clovis Chiyu Star Detective N no
85 Abigal Chifuku Star Strategist Female N no
86 Gasch Chihi Star Karate Warrior N yes
87 Jia Chiku Star Girl w/ pet N yes
88 Machi Chiko Star Blacksmith N no
89 Nvora Chizen Star Gossip Girl N no
90 Talon Chitan Star Non-Human Pair N yes
91 Gulo Chikaku Star Non-Human Pair N yes
92 Floyd Chisyu Star Kid Helper N no
93 Gyokuran Chizou Star Chef or Cook R no
94 Salt Chihei Star Misc N yes
95 Alfred Chison Star Storage Guy N no
96 Soyo Chido Star Strange Guy N yes
97 Shafer Chisatsu Star Misc N no
98 Nikea Chiaku Star Amazon Woman R yes
99 Linfa Chisyu Star Gambler R no
100 Pearl Chisu Star Misc N yes
101 Florance Chiin Star Female Innkeeper N no
102 Rosa Chikei Star Misc N no
103 Vera Chisou Star Female Archer N yes
104 Garoon Chiretsu Star Bath Guy N no
105 Dray Chiken Star Misc N yes
106 Takamu Chimou Star Mapmaker R no
107 Zhaleh Chizoku Star Bandit N yes
108 Ranj Chikou Star Item Guy N no

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