Clay was born into a common household, but after joining the Southern Mountain Corps as a teenager he soon distinguished himself in battle greatly, which came with a number of promotion up the ranks. The young warrior and spearman soon earned the nickname of the "Clay the Fearless."

First Invasion of the Queendom Edit

When the first invasion of the Queendom of Falena occurred in 441, he fought on the front lines with his spear harder than anyone in his battalion. The only time, it was said, he lost a fight on the battlefield was when he tried to challenge the new Commander of the Queen's Knights Ferid to one-on-one combat. He fought bravely, but he was no match for the foreign commander and Husband of the Queen, herself.

Shortly after this duel, a brilliant new tactician from the House of Godwin joined the Falenan war effort and the gains taken by the New Armes Kingdom were lost very quickly. Clay had to retreat with the rest of soldiers.

After the war, he spent the rest of the 440s perfecting his skill with not only the spear, but other weapons as well, all while finally being promoted the rank of Captain, the highest a man of common birth could achieve in the Southern Mtn Corps. He hoped to one day again challenge the mighty Commander of the Queen's Knights to another duel.

Second Invasion and Exiled Edit

Sparna had plans to attack Falena once more in 449 by making secret deals with the Barows and then later with the Godwins, he had enough of nobles and their schemings to enrich themselves, while he and his fellow soldiers only got the scraps that fell from their tables. He refused to fight and help invade the Queendom again.

For his refusal to follow orders, he was fired from the Corps and exiled from Darja by General Jidan Guisu his commanding officer. After the second invasion, also, proved to be a failure and he watched his former fellow warriors return home disgraced and humiliated; he had enough.

Clay's Rebellion Edit

When he learned that General Jidan was dead and that Maha had been executed for her failures, he knew this was moment to strike. The exiled spearman, snuck back into the barracks to convince his fellow warriors that this was their chance to overthrow the yoke of the Darja noble's corruption and harsh rule.

Clay, a great speaker, warrior, and leader, had long since gained the respect of many soldiers in the group, thus they joined his cause and started a rebellion that would later be known simply as Clay's Revolt.

After many months of bloody fighting against the nobles, he and his 6000 diehard followers had won the battle. Clay now found himself ruler of the whole Clan of Darja and Commander of the newly formed Liberated Mountain Corps.

However, now it uncertain of what to do next until he got a secret message from the most unlikely of people, former and exiled Prince Astor.

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