Known as the most hawkish of the five major clans, which form the Grand Council of Chieftains, the Darja Clan held large amounts of political power in the late 440's under the influence of the Sparna family.

The Darja Clan is located mostly in the mountainous southwestern part of the country. They share a border with the Queendom of Falena, whom they have tried to invade twice, since Jalat took the thrown. Both times were without his permission and twice they failed to take the Queendom, which caused them to lose much political power.

In 451, about a year or so after the beheading of Maha Sparna, a rebellion broke out among the Southern Mountain Corps, the main military force of the Darja Clan. The Mountain Corps effectiveness was heavily limited by corruption, causing equipment to be very much below par due to high-ranking officers diverting funds for their own personal gain. All of the these factors and more push one soldier to the breaking point.

Thus, a charismatic leader named Clay, a commoner by birth, but an extraordinary speaker and soldier started a revolt against all the nobles in the Darja Clan and many of the soldiers tired of being used and abused by the nobles join him. Soon, the rest of Sparna family was taken out. Other powerful noble families like the Guisu family also fell to his sword. His skills in battle had even attracted the attention of the 2 twin spear wielding warriors, Garik and Nakula, who joined his cause despite their own issues with each other. Afters months of in-fighting, Clay had secured control of the whole Darja Clan.

By the spring of 452, he was the new leader of the Darja Clan and the commander of the surviving Southern Mountain Corps, who now call themselves, the Liberated Mountain Corps. However, they only number about 6000 men, down originally from 10,000 before the Falena Civil War two years prior.

Clay was now uncertain of how the other clans onthe Grand Council and King Jalat would react to him since he was not of noble birth. So far they had not made a military move against him, not wanting to get pulled into a bloody revolt, but if they reject him as the rightful leader and send their armies and Knights in to depose him, his cause would be over before it had time to grow beyond the borders of Darja. Then, one night a messenger knocked on the door of his home with an offer from the former Prince of Armes, himself.