Geddoe is quiet, but is well-known as a wise and reliable warrior. He is balanced in his fighting skills as he magically adept as well as good with a sword, despite only having one good eye. While he looks to be in his late 30s, thanks to his True Rune he actually is 88 years old in the year 452 SY.

Using his True Lightning Rune, he saves Yvaine's life after a deadly battle with giant monster she thought was dead. He was unaware that she possessed the Rune of Seasons until afterwards. He told her had he realized this sooner, then he would not have bothered to reveal his own True Rune.

He said he's been traveling the world for decades aimlessly looking for something, but won't elaborate what that something is. Yvaine first encounters him the harbor town of Norwick at a pub. And again a second time at the Ancient Ruins near Lake Mir.

Saying that Yvaine had unusual eyes and uncommon courage that reminded him a lot an old friend he knew. Geddoe agrees to join her war against Prince Astor.