Zurad is a high priest in the Order of Nagarea, a religiously zealot organization that governs the Nagarea Theocracy. Aside from his role as priest, he, also, serves as the general of the 5th Cult, which is one of the 6 principle militarized missionary groups that carry out the will of the Order of Nagarea.

Zurad is cold and calculating, even by Nagarean standards he's viewed as cruel, but very cunning. His 5th Cult is a little over 10,000 warriors strong, but his 2 best soldiers are the vice-commanders of the 5th Cult named Alya and Nicolette. Both are highly trained assassins; Nether Gate trained according to some rumors.

The dark general has currently aligned himself and his forces with the former Queen and Prince of New Armes in an attempt gain favor with a new ally against Falena, should they win the war, as well as locate the Six Shards of Sorrow for the Theocracy's own treacherous schemes should they be found.