A powerful noble family that commanded the Darja Clan for decades. They were the most hawkish members of the Grand Council of Chieftains. They often did many things that flaunted their political power and influence in the face of the other clans, even King Jalat. Twice they invaded Falena of behalf of New Armes without his consent.

After the last failed invasion of the Queendom, Maha Sparna the leader of the Southern Mountain Corps lost her position and her head for the many failures of the humiliating campaign.

With the leader of their house dead, a rebellion broke out being led by a soldier named Clay. He killed the rest of the key Sparna family members and many other nobles in the Darja Clan. The family's long history of greed, power, corruption, and violence was turned back on them at last. Thus, after generations of ruling Darja, the once great house came to a bloody, and some would say, justifiable end.