Nakula Portrait

Nakula is a powerful warrior and spearman, who has fought for the Southern Mountain Corps prior to the Sun Rune War. After recovering from a battle wound, he joined Prince Frey's Loyalist Army to defeat Godwin since Nether Gate, the people who had killed his father, were working for Godwin now. After the war he went looking for more of the Nether Gate assassins to exact his revenge on.

He returned to his own country and homeland of the Darja Clan after he learned of Clay's Revolt and he joined the rebel leader to help him overthrow the nobles he too had loathed all those years of serving in the mountain corps. After learning of his involvement in the coup, his estranged twin brother, Garik, joins him in helping Clay free the Darja Clan from the nobles' corruption. 

After winning the conflict, the two brothers became co-captains and second-in-command in Clay's newly reformed Liberated Mountain Corps.