This is a map of the Kingdom of New Armes and of its main cities and key landmarks.
New Armes Kingdom Map

New Armes Kingdom Map

Ishvaak Clan

National Capitol: Balustrade

Other Cities: Zebula, Jinju, Armstone, Lion Bridge Checkpoint

Notable Geography: Lake Caelum, Isle of Halad, Regis Forest, Lake Opal, Mt. Gabon

Darja Clan

Capitol City: Kantara

Other Cities: ShafaFort Zafer, Kirkwall

Notable Geography: Mt. Borel

Madra Clan

Capitol City: Beoulve

Other Cities: RoseportNeser, Soto, Syron Prison, Exile Isle

Notable Geography: North Forest Path, Strait of Scardi, Mt. Lutz

Salva Clan

Capitol City: Torreon

Other Cities: Norwick, Brindelle, HQ (Former Burova Manor)

Notable Geography: Lake Mir, South Forest Pass, Ancient Ruins

Greywar Clan

Capitol City: Ranoke City

Other Cities: Whitestone Castle, Pineside, Becket

Notable Geography: Nightmare Forest

Outlaw's Cove

Capitol City: Port Nowhere

Notable Geography: Desert Lagoon, Great Sea

Great Forest

Capitol City: Alora

Notable Geography: Sindar Shrine, Forgotten Path

(All these town names and locations are subject to change if the story needs it, but that is unlikely at this point in development)

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