The Rune of Seasons is one of the most unique of the 27 True Runes, in that not much is known about it. Most True Runes have a long bloody history attached to them as nations, leaders, and even greedy nobles have spilled much blood and treasure trying to gain control over one of these all-powerful artifacts. The promise of god-like power, immortality, and a great knowledge have turned even the most of pure of heart into devils. Most forget that many of these True Runes come with a terrible price attached to them, as several of the True Runes possess dreadful curses that very few in the world of men are prepared to deal with.

Despite all of this, the Rune of Seasons, is nearly unknown to runic scholars and magicians alike across much of the world. The name of the rune only appears twice in all of known recorded history. The first on an ancient text fragment leftover from the Kingdom of Aronia (predecessor to Holy Harmonia) which talks about the True Rune leaving the northern continent. The second time it appears, it is merely a brief mention in a Sindarian poem about the harvest season being fruitful thanks to the rune. The latter appears to be the older of the two references. Both of these literary fragments can only be viewed in the Great Library of Crystal Valley in Holy Harmonia with very special permission from the Chief Librarian or a Bishop. 

In recent years, some runic scholars have suggested the rune is just a myth, while other experts have speculated the Rune of Seasons, may have been the unknown True Rune, from another fallen kingdom, that appeared to help the Ancient Armes Kingdom and Sun Rune bearer save the Southern Continent in the story of the Six Shards of Sorrow. But, there remains no real proof for any of these theories.  

Even, the great magician Mazus expressed doubts. Prior to his death due to his legendary duel with his Master, Crowley, about a century ago, he wrote in his famous literary work: The Runic Hierarchy, that neither he nor his wise master had no idea if such a rune like the Rune of Seasons actually exists, given how sparse and unknown its history really was. Therefore, only time will tell, if it is even real, when this True Rune will again appear in the annals of history.