Prince Astor Ishvaak is the son for King Jalat and Queen Tula Ishvaak. He was 15 years old when he and his mother were banished from the Kingdom of New Armes by his father for his mother's attempt to assassinate Jalat.

There is some question as to whether or not Jalat is indeed the biological father of Astor, which is why the King exiled both boy and mother after her failed plot was exposed. Both fled to the other side of the Southern Continent to the Nagarea Theocracy in 441.

In 452, the now 26 year old former prince has secretly returned from exile along with mother and they want revenge against Jalat. Moreover, the young man wants the crown for himself. He has brought with him a large army of radical warriors from Nagarea under the leadership of the cold, but brilliant, general known as High Priest Zurad.

Moreover, Astor has made a secret deal with Clay, the new leader of the Darja Clan, for his help when he makes his move against his so-called father.

Now, Astor has the support of his cunning and devious queen-mother, a mighty foreign army, and Clay's newly reformed Liberated Mountain Corps all backing him. Plus, he found one of the legendary 6 Shards of Sorrow while in Nagarea. He has returned to New Armes for revenge, the throne, and the other five hidden fragments. If he gets all six shards, he will be able to reassemble a very dangerous and deadly True Rune. Then, he would be nearly unstoppable.