Queen Tula is the ex-wife and exiled queen of King Jalat of New Armes. A woman of high birth and a spotless noble line she was forced into an arrange marriage with Jalat shortly after he ascended to the thrown in 425. Their marriage was strictly one of political convenience and a power grab on her side. As Tula, while never claiming to love or even like Jalat, took the role of wife, just to satisfy her own lust for power as Queen over the whole Kingdom of New Armes.

Instantly after their marriage, rumors about Tula's many infidelities began to circulate throughout the palace. So, when Tula was found with child many questioned if the son born to her was actually Jalat's. The king, while suspecting, never said anything, but tried treating Prince Astor as if he was indeed his own son. This masquerade went on for over a decade.

While it is still unknown how Lord Bruce Ayer and the Queen first came into direct contact with each, what is clear is that by 441, they had set a devious plot into motion to murder Jalat and take the thrown for themselves. Fortunately, this plan was exposed and thwarted by Lord Allister Burova another noble loyal to the king. Both lords killed each, and afterwards the Royal Guard were able to defeat his rebel forces and they had arrested Queen for treason as well.

Despite her crimes of treason and attempted murder, Jalat couldn't bring himself to order their execution, She yelled about his 'weakness and cowardness' at the trial and said had regretted being married to such a fool for a husband and king. In the end, both mother and son were exiled to the Nagarea Theocracy on the other side of the continent.

However, in 452, both returned with the support of a foreign army, in order to get their revenge on King Jalat and take the thrown for themselves.