The Rune of Seasons is one of the 27 True Runes that governs the seasons and climate. Long forgotten, this rune has remained dormant on the Southern Continent for centuries, but awakened during the New Armes' Exiles War to choose a new bearer; a young exiled woman named Yvaine Burova.


This True Rune governs seasons and climate. It grants its bearer very powerful offensive spells and a healing spell based off of the 4 seasons: spring, summer, autumn, and winter. In addition to its powerful spells, like other True Runes, it grants the user agelessness, immunity to sickness, and great knowledge. Lastly, the Rune of Seasons brings consistency and predictability, like the seasons themselves, to anyone who would seek to use its immense and frightening power.   


  1. Rejuvenating Rain: Restores 25% of all allies' health. (Spring)

  2. Heat Wave: Inflict 300 dmg on all foes (Summer)

  3. Wither: Inflicts 300 dmg per turn for 3 turns on a foe (Autumn)

  4. Absolute Freeze: Inflicts 1600 dmg to a foe (Winter)


The Rune of Seasons is one of the most unique of the 27 True Runes, in that not much is known about it. The Rune doesn't appear much at all in the history of man. In fact, due to this infrequency of interactions many runic scholars and magicians, even the legendary Mazus, speculated down through the centuries that this True Rune may indeed be a myth. However, during the War of Exiles in New Armes in 452 I.S. these speculations were put to rest when the True Rune appeared once again.

Some have theorized that this was the unknown True Rune that assisted the Ancient Armes King and his Sun Rune to defeat the True Conqueror Rune in the infamous tale of the Six Shards of Sorrow.

Prior to the start of the war, however, a runic scholar wrote what little was known about the history of the Rune of Seasons in an Old Book.

War of Exiles

After centuries of lying dormant in the New Armes Kingdom, the True Rune was discovered by Yvaine Burova, who was hiding with her brothers in an old empty well that turned out to also be a hidden cavern, when her home on Exile Isle was attacked by a group of unknown assailants.

Yvaine was able to unlock the first spell of the rune, while she and her friends were in the Great Forest on a secret mission to.......TO BE CONTINUED


  • The Rune of Seasons was lost for centuries. It's previous bearer was the only one to survive the destruction of an entire city via the True Conqueror Rune.
  • During the fourth spell, a giant blue dragon appears in the sky blasting its foe with a beam of arctic cold energy. This creature is, also, the incarnation form of the Rune of Seasons.