The Salva Clan is located on the most eastern side of the country. With the Great Forest to the North and each other side of the clan's terrority being protected by water borders, which include Lake Caelum, the Caelum River, as well as the Great Sea, the Salva Clan is one of the easiest areas to protect in New Armes.

The Clan had long been ruled by the House of Burova, but after the heroic death of their leader, Allister Burova, and his wife shortly after that, the once great house had no one to lead them, as all of Allister's heirs were still children and were presumed dead as well by the other nobles in Salva.

With the destruction of the Burova Manor, the defacto capitol of the Salva Clan, the main city, Torreon , become the official new capitol with House of Fernau at the helm of power in the Salva Clan. The primary military force is located in the city, known simply as Torreon Militia.

The Salva Clan is also home of the second largest lake in kingdom that being Lake Mir.