6 Shards
According to legend, the True Conqueror Rune was divided into 6 pieces thanks to the Star Dragon Sword (Night Rune Incarnated), the Ancient Armes King, who was the bearer of the Sun Rune, and another unknown True Rune user. Thus, the whole Southern Continent was safe from the destructive power of the Rune of Conquest.

Afterwards, these six fragments, while now mostly inert, were still greatly feared should they ever be reunited again and the True Rune be reborn. So it was, that the King ordered all the shards be scattered and hidden through his own domain to prevent any person who would be foolish enough to try and reassemble them from succeeding.

This fantastic tale has been told and retold by the citizens of New Armes for generations. Poets even named the story this Six Shards of Sorrow to make it sound more magical and sensational. Poetry aside, some scholars have written more creditable books on the whole issue.