A prominent division of the New Armes Kingdom's national army and the primary military force of the Darja Clan. The name of the division comes from it's prominence on New Armes southern border, with the Falenan Queendom, and that the clan occupies much rocky terrain and mountains.

After 2 failed attempts to invade Falena in less than a decade, the execution of their failed leader Maha Sparna, and that combined with years of corruption, which caused equipment to be very much below par due to high-ranking officers diverting funds for their own personal gain, a revolt broke out the lower ranks of the Mountain Corps.

A charismatic leader named Clay, a commoner by birth, but an extraordinary speaker and soldier started a revolt against all the nobles in the Darja Clan and many of the soldiers tired of being used and abused by the nobles join him, whom they declared war on. By the spring of 452, afters months of in-fighting, Clay had secured control of the whole Darja Clan. He was the leader of it and the surviving Southern Mountain Corps, who now call themselves, the Liberated Mountain Corps.